Wearing a Kimono: how to go about it ?

Culture varies from one society to another. And this culture takes into account several parameters such as cuisine, clothing styles and others. Japanese culture also has its own style of dress. For example, there are traditional outfits for men and women. One of these traditional Japanese outfits is the kimono. Unfortunately, many women do not know how to wear a kimono. In this article, you will find out how to properly wear the kimono. 

Kimono: what is it ?

The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. This garment is worn by women for many purposes. To better understand the kimono, you can try this out. Thus, each event has a type of kimono. The nature of an event can be determined by the kimono worn. But it is important to know that the way this outfit is worn is the same for all events. It is a garment that comes in many styles. Thus, some people prefer to wear the old kimono while adding a touch of style. Despite the importance of this garment in Japanese culture, not all women manage to wear it properly. 

How to wear a kimono properly ?

To wear a kimono properly, you simply have to follow the steps. When you respect them, you will succeed in wearing your traditional outfit well. Indeed, you must first put on your Japanese outfit like a dress. But, you must leave it on so that it takes your shape. Then, you must hold the ends of the collar of your kimono in order to lift it well. While lifting it, you must bring the back hem to the ground and the front hem to the level of your feet. Then roll the right side of the fabric over the body before rolling the left side over the right. After this step, a belt should be put on the waist. This belt is called himo. Finally, you must flatten your Kimono so that it covers the belt. But after wearing the kimono, you must also think about the accompaniments. You must accompany it with shoes and socks. So, you have to put on your kimono Geta and tabi which are respectively Japanese shoes and socks. You can also use necklaces to make your kimono perfect.