How to recognize a 3 star hotel in Paris?

In Paris and everywhere else, hotels are categorized by stars. Thus, we have hotels ranging from one star to five stars. In general, these stars are awarded according to certain characteristics. What should you look out for when choosing a 3-star hotel in Paris? This article gives you the answer.

The rooms

In terms of features, three-star hotels differ from two-star hotels only in the size of the rooms. You'll get the details by checking out 3 stars hotel in Paris. The rooms in a three-star hotel must be at least 13.5 square meters in size and have a private shower. The rooms must also be equipped with sanitary facilities. Other facilities include a television with access to a list of attractive channels and an appropriate electrical installation. Finally, for a hotel to be considered 3-star, it must have telephone equipment in the rooms. This will allow the customer to reach the reception without having to go anywhere.

Leisure and cuisine

Another criterion to consider to be sure to choose a 3-star hotel is the set of leisure activities it offers. A hotel of this category should be an ideal setting for a vacation with the possibility of practicing sports activities. You can find a gym here. You can also find other leisure activities such as spa rooms and massage rooms. The 3-star hotels offer guests access to the Internet and the possibility to read newspapers. Finally, these hotels have a varied restaurant service. They offer various types of cuisine and provide guests with menus prepared by professional chefs. 
To recognize a 3-star hotel in Paris, you need to pay attention to several details. Apart from the quality of the service, the rooms in this category of hotels respect a standard and you will find leisure activities and a rather interesting restaurant.