How to keep the toilet bowl clean ?

The toilet bowl is an element that must always be kept clean to avoid hygiene problems such as limescale, scale and yellow marks that ruin the decoration of the toilet. But how to clean the toilet bowl? Follow through this article some cleaning tips to keep the toilet bowl white and clean.

Use white vinegar or coca-cola to maintain the toilet

White vinegar is one of the products that can easily clean the toilet bowl. Visit my site to learn how to repair a toilet bowl. To begin, empty the water by scrubbing with a brush or by flushing and then turn off the water. Then pour a generous amount of white vinegar into the bowl and leave it overnight. It is possible to heat the vinegar beforehand to boost its effectiveness. When the traces come to the surface in the bowl, line it with toilet paper soaked in white vinegar. You can also use soda to clean a toilet bowl. This old-fashioned trick is to use Coke and follow the method explained above.

Using chemicals to whiten your toilet bowl

There are several chemicals that can be used to whiten your toilet bowl. Among these products are bicarbonate, soda crystals and hydrochloric acid. In fact, to use bicarbonate, pour half a glass into the bowl and leave it to act for half an hour, then scrub the bowl with a brush. Then flush and repeat the process until the bowl is clean. As for soda crystals, dilute three spoonfuls in a liter of boiling water and pour the mixture into the bowl. After 15 minutes, brush the bowl to remove the last unwanted traces. For hydrochloric acid, fill the bowl with water and add a glass of acid. Then let the acid work until there is no more foam. When finished, close the bowl and flush. Also, protect your eyes and skin by wearing gloves, a mask and goggles before using any of these tips.