How to buy Apple stock

No one knows about the company founded by the legendary Steve Jobs in the 1970s. With the growth of the company in recent years, buying Apple stock has become a desire of investors. More information about Apple stock will be given in this article.

What to consider before buying

Before buying Apple stock, it is important to know more about the company and its performance in the market, technology and stocks. A good start is to follow what analysts at brokerage firms and research houses that cover the company are saying. For more information about Apple stock, visit They often publish reports with their take on the future of the company. In these reports, analysts give advice to investors: whether they think it's time to buy, sell or hold the stock. In July 2019, of the 43 analysts who followed Apple, about half suggested buying the stock. Only three recommended selling and the rest recommended holding. Among the various aspects related to Apple's stock price, at least three deserve the attention of interested investors.

Apple stock is worth about $1 trillion

Apple made its stock market debut in 1980, in one of the most popular initial public offerings (IPOs) of the time. Shares were sold at $22 each and by the end of the first trading day were worth 29. The company was valued at about $1.8 billion, which was huge. Today, Apple stock is worth nearly $1 trillion. The company's growth is still considered one of the great innovators in the technology market. It has intensified since 2007 since the launch of the iPhone. With it, Apple stock has described the market of smartphones, which are now part of the lives of users. In recent years, it was on the list of the largest companies in the United States, competing mainly with Amazon and Microsoft.