3 advantages of building a house

Building your own home is full of advantages compared to buying an older home. You benefit from a personalized, energy-efficient home, solid guarantees and tax incentives. A home in which you know the quality of the equipment used in its construction. Discover in this article, three advantages of having your house built.

A builder offers you a maximum of guarantees

During the construction of your house, the builder is in charge of the integral realization of your house, since the foundations until the completions. It is thus your single interlocutor and a privileged partner in your project. Therefore, the builder is committed to you and must fulfill a number of obligations governed by law. First of all, when you call upon a builder, the latter must make you sign a Contract of Construction of Individual Houses (CCMI). You can make sure that you use the right construction equipment. You can find equipment on this webpage.

Building a house allows you to obtain tax advantages

In addition to the guarantees that you benefit from thanks to the Contract for the Construction of Individual Houses, you should know that the construction of an individual house offers you a certain number of tax advantages. Indeed, if you opt for the construction of a new house, you will be totally or partially exempted from property tax for 2 years, depending on the municipality where you live. If you are building your first primary residence, you may be eligible for a loan. The amount of the loan depends on your geographical area, the composition of your family and the amount of your income.

Your home is economical and efficient

Choosing a new home also means having a home that is built to the latest standards, particularly with regard to electrical and thermal standards. As a result, new homes are undeniably more energy efficient because their insulation is optimal and the heating system is adapted, and you will make substantial energy savings. Finally, note that having your house built allows you to obtain a personalized dwelling, of which you will have chosen the location, the plans as well as the least material and the least finishing.